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Location California
United States
Influences Queen, Stevie Wonder, old Weezer, Chopin, Radiohead

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bill* was formed in the fall of 2003 when band members and long time
friends Curtis Hartling (guitar,vocals, drums), Jonathan Coyle (drums,
vocals, keys, guitars) and Dave Marciano (bass, sax, vocals) wanted to
do something new in San Diego.


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song date submitted: genre purchase listen
Panacea-album version Jan. 6 2006 Alternative Pop Purchase not active
Watercolors-album version Jan. 5 2006 Alternative Pop Purchase not active
Sound Scientist-album version Jan. 5 2006 Pop Purchase not active
Panacea Sep. 12 2005 Acoustic Purchase not active
Watercolors Jul. 13 2005 Alternative Pop Purchase not active
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