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Sahib Radio
Location North Carolina
United States
Influences Tom Waits, RL Burnside, Dr. John, Leon Russell, Howlin' Wolf

Last played on:

Sundown Lounge Podcast
Dancing Mattress Productions
the legend of... bwvalentine?
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If you’re looking for some super smooth, over produced, pretty pop tunes, or love songs then keep on looking. You won’t find it here. Sahib Radio’s music is raw, rough around the edges, gritty, and doesn’t really fit into any specific genre. Subject matter is usually controversial, and dark. Life comp
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song date submitted: genre purchase listen
LIONS IN A CAGE Jan. 29 2010 Folk Rock Purchase not active
PLANE DOWN Jan. 29 2010 Experimental Rock Purchase not active
THIS IS REAL Jan. 29 2010 Jazz Purchase not active
GHOSTS OF ANCIENT POMPEI Jan. 29 2010 Americana Purchase not active
SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL Jan. 29 2010 Experimental Rock Purchase not active
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