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100 Year Picnic
Location Illinois
United States
Influences The Beatles, Elton John, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Ben Folds

Last played on:

Freeform World Radio
Fiber and Fabric
Live Wire! Podcast Radio
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Blending Power Pop hooks with Americana storytelling, 100 Year Picnic serves up delicious pop melodies and smart lyrics about the complexities of trying to live a simple life.
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song date submitted: genre purchase listen
Another Phase Nov. 25 2008 Alternative Pop Purchase not active
Everything's Perfect Nov. 25 2008 Adult Alternative Purchase not active
I Don't Know What To Tell You Nov. 25 2008 Pop Rock Purchase not active
Come On Apr. 12 2008 Acoustic Purchase not active
Greener Than The Trees Apr. 12 2008 Experimental Rock Purchase not active
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