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The Automatic Rhythm Section
Location Indiana
United States
Influences The White Stripes, The Kinks, Elvis Costello, Pavement

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GDs Bite Size Bonus
Suitcase Full of Dimes
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The Automatic Rhythm Section formed in 2005. They can snap, crackle and pop. Members are Tom Adamson, Daniel Lambert, and Mike Bruneau. At other times, they try to boom, crash and growl. They are based in the midwest and are currently supporting their little, hungry second album.
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song date submitted: genre purchase listen
20th Century Restaurant Sep. 29 2007 Alternative Rock Purchase not active
All Time PR Sep. 29 2007 Pop Rock Purchase not active
1885 Sep. 29 2007 Folk Rock Purchase not active
The Screwdriver Sep. 29 2007 Surf Purchase not active
Bury Me Not In The Suburbs Sep. 29 2007 Mixed Purchase not active
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