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Revolution 74
Location N/A
United Kingdom
Influences Radio head, Blur, feeder, muse, weezer

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OMBG Podcast
Get Up Rotation
The JogTunesIndie Podcast
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Revolution 74 are a 5 piece band from Chichester in the United Kingdom, whose perfectly crafted songs will sit in your psyce for days on end. Lyrically I always find myself returning to try and understand what the song means - this in not due to poor diction in the singer I might add. Like a fine piece of m
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song date submitted: genre purchase listen
Disco Boy Jul. 28 2008 Modern Rock Purchase not active
UP Jul. 28 2008 Indie Rock Purchase not active
Bigman Dec. 20 2006 Pop Punk Purchase not active
botox Nov. 24 2006 Alternative Rock Purchase not active
Victoria Nov. 24 2006 Rock Purchase not active
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