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Jim Fidler
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Influences Bob Marley, christy Moore, J. S. Bach, Mike Oldfield, Supertramp...

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Michigan Maddog's Meandering Thoughts
Tales of a Boy King
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From his days as founder of "PRESSURE DROP", Newfoundland's 1st and most prominent Reggae group, Jim Fidler has enjoyed a widely respected career as both a recording artist and a record producer. - A stalwart of the Newfoundland music scene.
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song date submitted: genre purchase listen
Avalonia Aug. 13 2005 Folk Purchase not active
Stephany Aug. 13 2005 Pop Purchase not active
Number 1 Hospitalitys Pavileon Aug. 13 2005 Comedy Purchase not active
Mr. Ambassador Aug. 13 2005 World Fusion Purchase not active
Sleep Marching Aug. 13 2005 Trance Purchase not active
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