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in over your head
Julien Smith keeps it real AND right with a weekly dose of true hip hop from the underground.
Bill Tucker
I was born in Jacksonville, FL and raised in West Covina, CA. Here's a mix of surf and pop from my O.C. studio; featuring memorable melodies, catchy hooks and jangly guitar. My first band was The Malards (As in duck! Yes, only 1 el, tricky huh?), Then I went on to join The Sound Foundation (a high sc
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show genre
VoteHawaii.com New Age
Upbeat Radio Mixed
Random Technology Spoken Word
work/space Mixed
JargonCast Mixed
artist song
Joe Carey Superhuman Strife
Anthony Rankin Don't Be a Stranger
Kingsbury Leave Me Be
Kristoffer Ragnstam 2008
SOLID PORN (Dirt White Boy Remix)
Chad Kichula Another Love