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The Daily Download
Daily Download is a show I do live from my toilet while I poop. I play new music from podsafe artists on Saturdays. It's not as nasty as it sounds.
GILES are a guitar-led trio based in the North West of England. They have just released their 4th album and regularly tour the whole of Europe. Their first gigs in the States are scheduled for this year too.
Heard on:
Sleeperberth Cast
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Texas Sports Weekly Spoken Word
emo: feel teh angst Emo
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Abbey FM Childrens
Max Power Mixed
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artist song
Lumberjack Mafia I Don't Know If I Care No Tail Remix
Tripstar Puppet Scrapyard Mix
Beat Synthetic Hung
Zarley In the Garden-Public Domain Hymn
Jaci Wisot Wait Just a Minute
Lisa Redford NY Song