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Canis Lupus brings you independent music from bands and artists who deserve a voice. And we bring them to you in a fresh and fun way. It's what Podcasting is all about, so check us out.
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
With Welsh-born Elia as the ringleader, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir is a free-spirited collective of musical visionaries who turn out exuberant and rough-hewn chamber pop.
Heard on:
Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag
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show genre
threeinthebasement Mixed
Right Side of the Rainbow Mixed
Tools for Students Mixed
Mikes Practice Podcast Spoken Word
Renaissance Festival Podcast Folk
comedy4cast Comedy
artist song
CoffeeFlavord Simplicity
Adam Balbo Everybody Wonders
Bradley West Some Things Daddies Can't Fix
Lisa Redford NY Song
The Trailer Park Kings Jimbo Reflects
Odd Austin Tom