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UC Radio Podshow
Banned in China for indecent and immoral content, the UC Radio Podshow is the creation of L.A. Rock Scene survivor Mike Yusi. A mix of great rockin' music, classic album reviews, humor, and astute observations about our culture and times. A true tribute to classic pirate radio stations world wide.
Jonathan Coulton
Jonathan Coulton used to write software, now he just writes music. Visit http://www.jonathancou lton.com for tons of free mp3s.
Heard on:
Blog Oklahoma Podcast
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show genre
eliza460cast Mixed
The Sports Lounge Mixed
zfzhmllfv Mixed
Jeronimo Palacios Spoken Word
The Bloomsday Podcast Rock
Fake Person in the Real World Mixed
artist song
The Wendigos wait a moment
Michelle Cleary Hope For The Both Of Us
Ajero, Mario The First Noel
Lotzie Weaver Heroine
PsychoVoyager Just For Me
Gypsy Piano Blues All Out Of Lies