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The Scene Zine
Join Marcus Couch as he presents the hottest and heaviest tracks in today's independent music scene. The #1 Hard Rock & Heavy Metal show on the Internet and in your iPod.
The band’s sound is buzzing with garage rock energy held together by a backbone of quality song writing. Infectious melodies meet staccato guitars and pounding rhythms……Also don’t be surprised to hear complex vocal harmonies or human beat-box. Emit was conceived in the Derby but was born in L
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The Tangent.2 Show
Listen to these great shows from personalities who are passionate about their playlists. These great safe songs are some of the best in new music. Browse and make your own playlists.
show genre
Jeronimo Palacios Spoken Word
Teach Anything Mixed
grigoriamongstus Mixed
BuzzPodCast Mixed
Laughing Squid Mixed
artist song
Hamhorta 449.mp3
Sounda BUTW Cinematic Mix
NORE set it off
PsychoVoyager Just For Me
Megan Pettengill I Am Nothing
Bionic Leaves Labyrinth I