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No Idle Frets
I'm a hack jazz guitarist, but a true afficionado of the genre.
Megan Pettengill
Megan Pettengill pours out her passion for Christ and her desire to live for Him through the songs she writes. While the melodies Megan writes are captivating, it's her reflective lyrics that set her apart. She writes with the intention of bringing people to a place where they can worship God.
Heard on:
Amplifi Radio Podcast
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^First*Light!^ Spoken Word
Dancebaby Mixed
podkascht Comedy
Aki-Nonnbiri-Room Mixed
Runners Folly Mixed
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-MARC GUNN - Celtic Drinking Songs Rattlin Bog
Peter Bayreuther Triumph der Liebe
Gary ShortPiece_DownTempo-sat14feb2009
Trash Fashion Night Of Error - single
Cedar Falls K.I.L.L.M.E.
Beat Frequency My House Resounds