About MusicAlley

jammingHey – my name is Steve. Welcome to MusicAlley.

I had the good fortune to grow in a musical home. My dad was one of those guys who could play almost any instrument, and loved to try any he could get his hands on. My mom didn’t play, but she liked to sing. Between the two of them they created a household that always had some kind of music going on.

My sisters and I were encouraged to listen to various types of music, and appreciate the different styles. Whether it was a classical piece or classic rock, mom and dad wanted us to listen, enjoy, and try to play it. While all of us have our own favorite kinds of music, that broad musical foundation has served us well over our lives.

It is that appreciation of music and recording that is behind MusicAlley. My desire is to bring you useful information about what kinds of instruments and recording equipment is available. If you have any suggestions for content for this site, please contact me.