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Most People Are DJs
Most People Are DJs is a show born of frustration - radio had gotten so bland we all became DJs programming our own music for listening. With great indie music and reviews from the fringe of pop culture, MPAD is giving the alternative music lover a 30 minute break from their usual programming.
The Blood Brothers
Take someone like Charles Mingus,” offers bassist Morgan Henderson. “People would hear him and call it Jazz, but in his mind he was creating modern black Classical music.” Similarly, any vague notions of Punk may be too narrow and constricting to convey just what it is the Blood Brothers do so
Heard on:
X Pat Radio
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nWorld Mixed
Jim O'Connell Mixed
The Emucast Mixed
Elbrauschen Mixed
Aki-Nonnbiri-Room Mixed
Mikes Practice Podcast Spoken Word
artist song
My Best Fiend My Psycho
joel tuttle peace maker
freesoulJAH Think About Living
isaac quatorze (super) super horrocious
Michelle Cleary Hope For The Both Of Us